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Inta goes HIPER for heat interface units

Inta has introduced its ‘HIPER’ high performance heat interface unit (HIU), designed to deliver heating and hot water whilst improving energy efficiency and minimising costs in multi-dwelling developments.

Installed in shared residential buildings, the HIU distributes heating and domestic hot water from a central plant system to individual properties. By removing the need for each area to have a conventional boiler, gas flue and hot water cylinder, the interface units dramatically reduce build costs for developers.

Inta has worked to develop a product that has more features and benefits than any other HIU on the market. HIPER HIU boasts a factory-set, non-electric temperature control valve which prevents risk of scalding in the event of a power supply failure, as well as features the most advanced dual-speed PID control (patent pending) of any unit, intelligently controlling the heat into the plate heat exchangers.

Designed with serviceability in mind, its two heat exchange plates have been built to the front of the HIU, fixed with four allen key bolts. This means that the plates can easily be removed and replaced in seconds should they need maintenance. A large strainer mesh at the primary connections, four times larger than a conventional strainer, will prevent blockage and ensure the HIU continues working efficiently even if the unit has been neglected of cleaning.

With Inta’s HIPER HIU, landlords can integrate renewable energy sources into the system, shrinking the size of a building’s carbon footprint and reducing energy costs for tenants, as well as improving reliability.

17 October 2016

Inta launches safe and stylish Puro Mini

Leading shower manufacturer, Inta, has announced the Puro Mini as the latest addition to its comprehensive showering collection.

Boasting contemporary styling, while focussing on protection and performance, the Puro Mini is a dual-control, super compact shower with 110mm - 150mm inlet centres that provide an exposed or concealed solution in one box. This allows full flexibility for installers with two different applications.

The shower also features Inta’s proven anti-scald thermostatic technology, which has a failsafe function to prevent scalding in the event of water supply failure on either the hot or cold feeds. Inta’s Safe Touch technology constantly circulates cold water under the surface of the valves too, to ensure the surface will never be hot to touch.

The Puro Mini is WRAS and TMV2 approved and its Eco Air handsets save water by reducing flow rates by up to 60%.

17 October 2016

Inta lands prestigious CarbonNeutral accreditation

Heating and plumbing product manufacturer, Inta, has been awarded the reputable CarbonNeutral certification after it reduced its carbon footprint to net zero.

Based in Staffordshire, the manufacturer worked with Natural Capital Partners - one of the world’s leading carbon offset and carbon management businesses who issue the CarbonNeutral certificates - to measure and reduce the greenhouse gases it produces to net zero. To achieve this, Inta ensures that every tonne of CO2 it emits is balanced by saving an equivalent amount elsewhere in the business.

To receive the prestigious CarbonNeutral accolade, Inta’s energy consumption, waste and business travel were assessed and quantified.

Cynthia Fisher, director at Inta, said: “Acting environmentally responsible is a huge priority for us. As we create bathroom products with water-saving features - some of which reduce water flow rates by up to 60% - we wanted to strengthen our green credentials by reducing our carbon footprint across the whole business.

“To operate sustainably isn’t something we’ve taken lightly and subsequently, we’ve invested heavily into our building facilities to minimise waste. We’ve installed triple glazed windows and fully insulated our roof space which has also reduced our bills, as well as introduce an electricity optimisation system that has reduced power consumption by 15%. Our staff have also got completely on board, with many now more aware of their water, gas and electricity usage.

“Working with Natural Capital Partners has been fantastic and its support and guidance has been instrumental to our success. We’re thrilled to have achieved this award and actively encourage other businesses to strive to do the same.”

Rebecca Dallimore, Client Relationship Manager at Natural Capital Partners, said: “Inta becoming CarbonNeutral is an important step, not only for its business but for the manufacturing industry as a whole. By committing to reduce its emissions to net zero, Inta has set the benchmark. Manufacturers are an important part of any supply chain, and by taking steps to reduce its environmental impact, Inta is supporting its clients own environmental agendas.”

17 October 2016

Inta takes the pressure out of choosing valves

Inta, manufacturer of heating, plumbing and showering products, has launched a new extensive range of WRAS-approved pressure reducing valves (PRVs).

The collection, which features a wide variety of sizes, has been specifically designed for both domestic and commercial applications. With static and dynamic pressure control, the range is designed to reduce fluid pressures and maintain the desired level, preventing damage to system components located downstream of the PRV.

Due to the compact design of the valves, which range between 15mm and 54mm, they can be used in areas where space is limited and can be installed either vertically or horizontally. They also come complete with an optional ‘dial up’ pressure gauge to help adjust pressure between 0.5 bar and 6 bar to match the requirements of the system. These are fully adjustable and lockable by the installer to prevent any damaging change.

Stuart Gizzi, director at Inta, said: “The launch of these new valves, in a number of different sizes including our mini PRV which is perfect for small-space installations, demonstrates Inta’s continuing commitment to providing the most comprehensive range of plumbing and heating equipment in the UK.

“Not only are these valves versatile, they are also easily maintained. The integrated filter is serviceable and with the valves keeping the pressure at a suitable level, there is no risk of a pressure build-up damaging any other equipment.

“Our dial up pressure reducing valves are perfect for use in domestic or smaller commercial applications, but for high flow commercial applications, we also offer a larger valve.”

All the valves within the range operate up to a temperature of 80 degrees celsius and have a max inlet pressure of 16 bar, with the larger valves handling up to 40 bar.

17 October 2016

Midlands tap manufacturer set to keep Glastonbury clean

Midlands-based bathroom product manufacturer, Inta, will be keeping festival-revellers clean and hygienic by supplying taps to Glastonbury festival in 2016.

Inta, Britain’s leading manufacturer of anti-scald bathroom products, will be supplying the world-famous arts and music festival with 500 non concussive taps, which will supply fresh water to over 175,000 music-lovers.

Aligning to Glastonbury’s sustainable ethos, Inta’s non-concussive taps are designed with an anti-block feature, allowing water flow to stop if a blockage is detected to prevent misuse. The taps also offer installers the opportunity to control water flow time, ranging from three to 30 seconds, to minimise water wastage.

Cynthia Fisher, director at Inta, said: “Although we’ve supplied taps to Hyde Park’s ‘British Summer Time’ festival, supplying taps to the UK’s biggest festival has been an exciting achievement for our team.

“We are very proactive in ensuring we work as sustainably as possible - which is proved in our recent Carbon Neutral certification - and so supplying taps that minimise water wastage to a festival that is vocal on environmental issues seemed like a perfect fit for us.

“Glastonbury is famous for being one of the muddiest festivals in the world and so we’re happy that we’re doing our bit in attempting to keep festival-goers fresh.”

Glastonbury placed the order for Inta’s non-concussive taps through Total Plumbing Supplies, an independent plumbing merchant based in Somerset.

20 July 2016