Inta X-Mag Pro - Magnetic System Hub

Large x mag


Introducing the Inta X-Mag Pro Magnetic System Hub, comprising of a magnetic filter, dirt separator, manual and automatic de-airating function, and chemical dosing point. Proving to be the perfect all-in-one solution for plant room installations where space is paramount, and there is a critical requirement to keep heating systems clean and working as efficient as possible. The X-Mag Pro also gives the option for a separate “accessory pack’ to be purchased which comprises of the inlet isolation lever ball valves and stainless steel dosing pot for the addition of system chemicals and inhibitors.

  • **Accessory Pack Also Available Comprising of Inlet Isolation Lever Ball Valves & Stainless Steel Dosing Pot
  • Manual and Automatic Air Venting
  • Various Inlet Connection Sizes Ranging from ½” - 2"
  • Multiple Inlet Configurations To Suit Many Installations
  • Self-closing Filter Basket for Easy Debris Removal
  • Quick and Efficient Servicing Schedule
  • *Insulation Jacket Available
  • Magnetic Filtration for the Removal of Ferrous Materials
  • Removable Filtration Basket with a 100 micron Mesh for the Removal of Fine Lighter Particles

Product Range

Description Code
Inta X-Mag Pro ½” XMAGP01
Inta X-Mag Pro ¾” XMAGP02
Inta X-Mag Pro 1” XMAGP03
Inta X-Mag Pro 1¼” XMAGP04
Inta X-Mag Pro 1½” XMAGP05
Inta X-Mag Pro 2” XMAGP06