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  How many taps can an Intamix TMV2/TMV3 supply?
  • TMV3 Application – When fitted into a TMV3 environment the Intamix thermostatic mixing valves are to be used on point of use outlets i.e. 1 mixing valve to be used per each hot outlet
  • TMV2 Application – In a TMV2 application 1 mixing valve can supply 2 back-to-back basins.
  In what instance do I require a mixing valve to be installed?

Anywhere where users are at risk of scalding or when safe blended hot water is to be used.

  What considerations are to be made before installing a Thermostatic Mixing Valve?
  • Does it need to comply with TMV2 or TMV3 regulation?
  • What is the maximum flow rate achievable to size a TMV correctly?
  What is the warranty period for a thermostatic mixing valve?

Our commercial range is covered by a 12 month guarantee against any manufacturing fault.

  What is the maximum permissible pressure differential allowed between the hot and cold inlets?

The maximum pressure differential on our Intamix range is 5:1, whereas on our Intamix Pro range it will be 2:1.

  Where is the best location to fit a Thermostatic Mixing Valve?

Ideally the TMV must be fitted as close as possible to the outlet it is supplying – the maximum distance is 2 meters.

  Are any Inta Thermostatic Mixing Valves that are WRAS approved? If so which ones?

Please see all WRAS approved Thermostatic Mixing Valves below: