Knowledge Base

  Does my timed flow shower have an adjustable flow time?

The only valves within the Timed Flow Shower range with an adjustable flow time is the TF177CP & TF178CP.

  What’s the minimum operating pressure of an Inta Timed Flow Control?

0.2 bar dynamic.

  Can the flow rate on my tap be reduced?

Yes there is a range of flow regulators available for our timed flow shower, please contact our technical department for part codes and descriptions.

  What is the warranty period on a timed flow shower?

Our commercial range is covered by a 12 month guarantee against any manufacturing fault.

  How do I service my timed flow shower?

Servicing instructions are available on request from the technical department.

  What shall I clean the exposed surface of the timed flow shower using?

Inta showers have a high quality finish and should be treated with care. An occasional wipe with a mild washing-up liquid on a soft damp cloth followed by a thorough rinsing is all that is required. Do not use an abrasive or chemical household cleaner as this may cause damage to the surface finish.

  Are any Inta Timed Flow Showers WRAS approved? If so which ones?
  My showers run time is not running within its specification?
  • If the showers run time is 15 Seconds +/- 5 then this is correct.

  • Ensure that you have sufficient pressure supplying the shower valve – our timed flow shower valves have a minimum operating pressure of 0.2 Bar dynamic

  • Service the timed flow cartridge as there may be a build-up of system debris or scale which could affect the showers performance. Product servicing instructions are available upon request from the technical department.