Knowledge Base

  What is the warranty period on the Inta Infra-red Taps?

Our commercial range is covered by a 12 month guarantee against any manufacturing fault

  What is the minimum operating pressure for Inta Infra-red Taps?

1 bar dynamic.

  Are they a BREEAM compliant product?

Yes as they have an integral 6Litre per minute flow regulator fitted as standard.

  Is the sensor range adjustable?

The sensing range of the tap is preset and should not require adjustment.

If however the range needs to be adjusted, it can be using the following procedure;

  • Unplug the power connector (10), or in the case of the transformer - turn off the power supply.
  • Wait for 30 seconds before re-connecting or turning on the power supply.
  • When the red LED blinks (if it switches off, it is necessary to unplug the power connector or turn off the power supply and repeat the operation), put one hand immediately in front of the sensor (at a maximum distance of 5cm).
  • When the red LED lights up permanently, move your hand to the desired sensor distance.
  • Wait for the LED to turn off before moving your hand; at this point the new distance is stored.
  • The new setting will be stored in case of battery replacement or failure of the electrical supply.
  My tap is passing water when off?

Debris present on the solenoid diaphragm can cause it to not shut completely.

To rectify or service the solenoid valve – servicing instructions can be obtained from Inta’s Technical Department.

  Sensor flashing continuously when hands are in range?

Low Battery Indicator/Low Voltage Indicator.

  Is the Infra-Red tap a mixer tap?

No it is not a mixer tap – it takes a single inlet of pre-mixed water and should be supplied via an Intamix TMV.

  Tap runs when hands not in range?
  • Ensure sensor eye is clean and free from any dirt etc.

  • Ensure no reflective surfaces are present which could set off the sensor, and no-one in the vicinity of the tap is wearing high visibility clothing as this can trigger the sensor to operate.

  Are any Inta Infra-Red Taps that are WRAS approved? If so which ones?

Please see all WRAS approved Inta Infra-Red Taps below:

  • IR120CP
  • IR270CP
  • IR271CP
  • IR278CP
  • IR279CP