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2 September 2020

The Perils of Dating

By Stuart Gizzi, MD at Intatec The brassware industry works within a framework of regulations and guidelines that are designed to ensure that manufacturers make the very best taps, valves and showers they can and that specifiers understand exactly what they’re getting. UK manufacturers have a good reputation for compliance, with products being well made […]
31 March 2020

Flushed with success? How toilet technology is changing

We’ve come a long way since the days of the chamber pot and the cry of “garde à l’eau!” as people chucked the contents on to the streets. (Did you know it is this phrase that led to the English word ‘loo’?) Over the years, toilets have become rather more sophisticated – from Sir John […]
31 March 2020

10 things everyone should know about hard water and limescale

Approximately 13 million households in the UK live in a hard water area — that amounts to 60% of the population! Use this map to see if you live in a very hard, hard or soft water area, or alternatively, contact your local authority. Hard water occurs in areas where the bedrock consists of porous, […]

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