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Hand-washing guidance

With the UK and the rest of the world in the middle of a major health crisis due to #CoronaVirus, the current Government guidance at home includes instructions to wash your hands for 20 seconds at a time.

However, in line with the BS EN 816 standard for sanitary tapware, time-flow taps are required to have a flow of no longer than 15 seconds  – at a measured flow rate not exceeding 4 litres per minute.

This means that to stay safe and comply with Government guidelines, you would need two presses of a time-flow tap, with 10 seconds of water wastage from every wash of your hands.

With the current outbreak growing in significance every day, safety is the key priority but there is also a global battle against water wastage which has been ongoing for some time now.

With the increased need for hand-washing and more people paying closer attention to doing this right than ever before, there is probably more water wasted right now than there has been for some time.

As a business, this highlights the impact our non-concussive time flow taps or infrared time flow taps could have on wider society. Both offer a solution to the potential water wastage problem, with water flow able to be set and altered by the property owner. The infrared also improves hygiene as it doesn’t require a touch to get water flowing.

While the obvious priority right now is containing this virus, it will be interesting to see in the long run who considers the potential water wastage that a society focused on hygiene first could have.

Perhaps at some point in the future regulations will change, but for now, press twice to be safe!