Anti Tamper Automatic By-Pass Valves



Inta’s anti tamper automatic differential by-pass valves have been designed to stabilise the circulation, flow rate and pump pressures in heating systems. The anti tamper head is secured by a grub screw ensuring that optimum system commissioning is maintained by preventing unwanted interference from would be vandals and end users. The valve can easily be set based on system calculations for the differential pressure and the visual dial on the valve. This allows the optimum flow rate through the boiler to be maintained by the valve automatically opening to by-pass, allowing the circulation to continue even if the thermostatic radiator valves are closed.

  • Anti tamper head
  • Automatically stabilises flow
  • Protects the pump from pumping against closed head
  • Easily adjustable
  • Available with 22mm angled or straight connections

Product Range

Version Product Code
Anti tamper by-pass valve angled 22mm connection with --- []. ABPA22AT
Anti tamper by-pass valve straight 22mm connection with --- []. ABPS22AT


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