Hiper II Heat Interface Unit 2020



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  • Indirect Twin Plate Heat Interface Unit.
  • Electronic control with pressure independent control.
  • Auto diagnostics.
  • Modbus communications.
  • Programmable control options.
  • Hydro-block construction reducing internal pipework for lower heat loss.
  • Primary connections at the top.
  • Secondary connection below or above the HIU.
  • Separate strainers and drains for each circuit.

Main HIU Features

  • Auto Fault Diagnostics.
  • Modbus communications to report system conditions or fault conditions to a central monitor or BMS.
  • Pay As You Go (Prepayment) switching.
  • Integral shut off for Pay As You Go (PAYG) – no external Valve required!
  • Automatic closing of the Control valve when power lost for Anti-Scald and stop unnecessary heat returns.
  • Pump protection against Pump sticking.
  • Scaling protection programme for the DHW plate heat exchanger
  • Heating Radiators or Under Floor (UFH) selection.
  • Optimised or Constant temperature Heating option
  • Viewing access to Heat Meter calculator by lift-up panel.

Functional and Safety Features

  • Integral Flushing and Bypass Filter Valve
  • Test Ports
  • UFH slab drying cycle
  • Frost protection function.
  • PWM pump speed control option
  • Pressure Differential and Flow Control by fast acting PICV with Stepper Actuator.
  • Integral Shock Arrestor for cold water supply
  • 3 Strainers, one for each circuit
  • Filling group for Heating Circuit

Functional and Commissioning Features

  • Start Up Menu for Commissioning
  • Set time and date.
  • Heating Flow limitation setting.
  • Programmable Return Temperature limitation control.
  • Keep warm can be turned off or temperature and time control options
  • Manual pump override (for test)
  • Room Thermostat Normally OPEN or CLOSED option.
  • Additional switch for adding a second pump to load a cylinder or use as an alarm.
  • Optional programme to add a temperature controlled hot water storage cylinder.
  • Programmable Anti-Legionella cycle
  • Keep Warm function by temperature and time, programmable or switch off options.
  • Languages option
  • User level programming option
  • Hidden installer programming level option

Product Range

Version Product Code
Hiper II Twin Plate HIU SZ 80kW DHW, 3 - 30 HTG HIPER2TPSZ80
Hiper II Twin Plate HIU 15-80kW DHW, 3 - 30 HTG ZENNER HEAT METER HIPER2TP1580ZE


Accessory Code
Flushing By Pass Kit A (temporary pipe) HI2ACKITA
Flushing By Pass Kit B (Fixed connection to HIU with Valve) HI2ACKITB
Flushing By Pass Kit C (External Valve and Tee's) HI2ACKITC
First fix JIG HI2ACJIG
Primary only first fix kit, use with Hiper first fix JIG HIACPFFKIT
Pair stand off wall brackets HI2ACBKT
All connections at top (set of 4 insulated preformed pipes) HI2ACCON
All connections at top (set of 2 pairs MxM Isolation Valves Wras approved) HI2ACISO
Lower connections pipe kit (set of 4 preformed pipes to bring connections 'back to the wall'. HIAC02BVPACK
Pack of 4 Secondary Ballvalves Pack Wras approved HIAC03BVPACK
Prepayment relay (for billing systems using a 230v signal) HIAC04230KIT
Security - anti tamper fixing screws + driver HIAC05SSPACK
Insulation jackets for isolation valves (pair) ARM022129
ZE102C5 Inta Ultrasonic Heat Meter with Mbus ZE102C5