The inta i-stat electronic dual cylinder stat is a revolutionary new energy saving product.

Domestic hot water can be stored at any desired temperature between 25 – 65°C, with the confidence that the weekly one hour ‘boost’ to above 60°C kills any legionella bacteria resulting in a substantial energy saving.

The anti legionella ‘boost’ function can be adjusted to run from one to seven days or completely disabled to allow the i-stat to operate as conventional dual cylinder thermostat.

The intuitive LCD screen shows the current water temperature and user defined water temperature whilst the red LED make it clear when the i-stat is calling for heat.

Sensitive electronic temperature sensors means the i-stat reacts more quickly and has a far superior accuracy in comparison to traditional oil filled mechanical thermostats and do not need physical contact with the cylinder contents, unlike traditional dual cylinder thermostats.

  • Intelligent energy saving product
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Intuitive LCD display and adjustment
  • Unique anti-legionella ‘boost’ function
  • Pre-set limit/safety stat prevents overheating
  • Double insulated
  • Simple to use, quick to install

Product Range

Product Code
i-stat electronic dual cylinder stat ESCDTE