intasave Thermostatic Flow Regulating Valve




The intasave thermostatic flow regulating valve is the ideal accompaniment for combi boiler installations. When a hot outlet is first opened, combi boilers waste around ten litres of water before delivering the desired temperature at the outlet.

Using a thermostatic element, the intasave restricts the flow of hot water from the combi boiler to three litres a minute until the temperature exceeds 40°C. By restricting the flow of hot water until it’s reached a useable temperature, the intasave reduces energy and water consumption making installations more energy efficient and saving end users energy and money.

  • saves up to 30,000 litres of water a year
  • reduces carbon footprint by up to 353kg a year
  • saves up to 1800Kwh per year
  • reduces gas bills by as much as £80
  • reduces water bills by as much as £75
  • saves time, energy and money
  • convenient in line fitting
  • cuts boiler start up time
  • can eliminate the need for a ‘pre-heat’ function

Product Range

Product Code
15mm intasave with nuts and olives ISAVE15