Self Cleaning Filters (Double Gauge)




Inta’s Self cleaning filters are designed to be used in water systems or air conditioning systems. Used to prevent the formation of sludge within the system by passively filtering the debris and particles from the water. As the water flows through the product it is directed through a wire mesh filter and the particles are separated from the water allowing it pass out free from debris. The collected impurities are contained at the bottom of the fitting. The dual pressure gauges are used to show the water pressure entering the fitting and the water pressure exiting the fitting. When this differential pressure is high it is an indication that the filter must be cleaned. Available in a range of sizes with both single and dual gauges.

  • Passively filters debris and particles
  • Convenient in-line design
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Available in a range of sizes with 100 micron filter
  • Available with single or dual gauges

Product Range

Version Product Code
Self cleaning filter ½" MxM 100 micron filter with --- []. SCF0058405000
Self cleaning filter ¾" MxM 100 micron filter with --- []. SCF0058407500
Self cleaning filter 1" MxM 100 micron filter with --- []. SCF0058410000
Self cleaning filter 1¼" MxM 100 micron filter with --- []. SCF0058412500


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