Solar Rated Flow Balancing Valves



Inta’s range of solar rated flow balancing valves are designed to regulate the flow rate being pumped into the solar collectors, maximising the heat collection. The valve can also be used as an isolation valve for the pump in installations where the pump has a 1″ BSP connection. Each solar rated flow balancing valve is supplied with two convenient fill and flush valves, the uppermost enabling the installer to isolate the flow regulating chamber when carrying out this function.

  • Regulates the flow of fluid to the collector panels
  • Maximises heat collection in cylinders
  • Supplied with fill and flush points as standard
  • Can be used to isolate pumps with a 1″ BSP connection
  • Maximum operating temperature 120°C (peak 150°C)
  • Maximum inlet temperature 10 bar
  • Flow regulation range 2 – 12 l/min

Product Range

Product Code
¾" male (DN16) x 1" swivel nut flow balancing valve SL-FM001
22mm x 1" swivel nut flow balancing valve SL-FM002