Gauges with PTFE Sealing Ring

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Inta’s dial gauges have been designed to display the running pressure inside sealed and open heating systems. Available with either bottom or back connection and complete with a PTFE sealing ring connection

  • Suitable for all heating systems
  • Available with bottom or back connection
  • Complete with PTFE sealing ring

Product Range

Description Code
Pressure Gauge 0-4 bar back connection with --- []. GP1576004
Pressure Gauge 0-6 bar back connection with --- []. GP1576006
Pressure Gauge 0-10 bar back connection with --- []. GP1576010
Pressure Gauge 0-4 bar bottom connection with --- []. GP1536004
Pressure Gauge 0-6 bar bottom connection with --- []. GP1536006
Pressure Gauge 0-10 bar bottom connection with --- []. GP1536010